Weather & Surf

Stay up to date with current beach and surf conditions.

No need to ever stress about the weather or surf conditions again. Here you can find all the information you need to make the most out of your trip to South Padre Island. A year-round destination visitors enjoy this beach with rain or sunshine. So whether you are catching some waves or grabbing a drink there is something fun for everyone. 

Surf Forecast
Suns out surf up. Click the button to find how good the waves are.
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Rip Tide Report
Stay safe while on the beach. Even the best swimmers can be pulled out by a rip tide.
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Flag Advisory System

When visiting the beach, take time to learn the meaning of the advisory flags. And remember absence of a flag does no assure safe waters.

  • Conditions calm - swim with care.

  • Calm to moderate water - does not assure safe water.

  • Heavy Surf - Dangerous currents, stay within waist deep water.

  • Presence of venomous marine life.

  • Indicates an environmental warning for air and/or water quality. See notice board for details.